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AEIAG Mandate

The lack of overall capacity is the singular most important missing link in Africa’s economic and development transformation efforts which needs to be filled in both public and private sectors, especially amongst SMEs. These capacity gaps provide a big business case for Capacity building businesses across Africa. There is big market for the setting up, development and growth of relevant expert, professional and consulting services businesses capable of helping African’s Institutions, structures and systems to develop and undertake the growing services contracts that are replete in Africa’s public and private sectors.These capacity services businesses are needed to transform Africa’s Public Institutions and Private Businesses to be more professional in order to interface with global standards and practices which will enable the actors in the economy to take due advantages of harnessing their resource potentials as well as qualify to tap into the growing global Capital ready to be invested in several sectors of Africa’s economies.

It is this need to fill the capacity gaps in Africa’s development transformation that has necessitated the setting up, growth and development of Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Advisors Group (AEIAG). AEIAG is the results of Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Alliance (AEIA) initially formed between Three African Organizations- NGAMANG Group International, MIHOSO Group International and Willy John Group International- which sought to achieve synergies by pooling together their various niches and comparative Advantages through the formation of an Alliance enabling the AEIAG to have covered National scope in Ghana with Representative contacts in other parts of Africa. The AEIA gave birth to Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Advisors Group (AEIAG). AEIAG consists of experts, consultants and professionals in various sectors of the economies of Africa. Apart from the decentralized 10 regional offices in Ghana, and representative focal persons contacts in other parts of Africa, AEIAG will eventually have one office each in East, Southern and Central Africa, whilst the Ghana Office also doubles as Office for West Africa. This strategic presence will enable AEIAG also to pool together expertise across the continent and further train more experts and consultants in delivery of vital capacity services for public and private Institutions. The AEIAG Mandate has practical expression in its portfolios, modus operandi, governance and Teams.

Modus Operandi

AEIAG hinges on the collective strengths, resources and Synergies of its joint owners: NGAMANG Group, MIHOSO Group and Willi John Group. In this bid, where necessary, a model of one of the partners with comparative advantage is chosen for the use of all under the aegis of AEIAG. Also resources are shared, joint actions are undertaken and one or the other leads where it has the added advantages to do so on behalf of all. Initiative is therefore encouraged in the spirit of open and prompt communication, exchanges, transparency and professionalism. This flexible arrangement as it were underscores recent developments in coalescing of corporate entities sharing common mandate and understanding of how business should be run, in an era of corporate mergers and alliances where even competing corporate giants also do cooperate and partner when it is in their best mutual interest to do so. This means that in several ways new structures, models, systems and capacities are not created from the scratch but coordinated and organized from all for several actions. This concept underscores mode of operations in AEIAG.